Bait Board

Why You Need a Bait Board on Your Boat

When it comes to fishing, having everything you need to make the experience more enjoyable, including a quality bait board is achievable with our affordable products. At Menace Marine, our online store has a wide selection of boat bait boards to suit your needs. Whether you require a rail or rod mounted tray or want to increase your number of rod holders with a deluxe board installation, our fishing products are designed to withstand the outdoor conditions and be long-lasting.

Benefits of a Fishing Bait Board

A board specifically for bait preparation means that you no longer need to rely on whatever surface is available on your boat. You will also benefit from:

  • Keep your boat clean and tidy. You can make cleaning up at the end of the day easier with boards that have a run-off tray. This feature collects bait fluid and meat into one compartment for easy disposal and prevents the floor of your boat becoming slippery due to cleaning fish. Some trays also come with a drainage hole for convenient cleaning.
  • Knife containment. Bait boards that come with a knife compartment will help save you precious fishing time not having to look around for where you placed it last. The convenience of having it stored in the tray makes for a safe and practical feature. 
  • Extra fishing rod holders. Double up on your fishing accessories with the installation of one uncomplicated product such as our Deluxe Bait Board with Rod Holder. You will get extra stainless-steel rod holders, a nylon cutting surface that is easy to work with and clean down, and a sink with drain hole for a tidy work area.

Tips Regarding a Live Bait Bucket

Consider these tips when adding a bait bucket to your boat.

  • It should have minimal obstructions: Find a live bait bucket with no obstacles in the middle to give the fish the freedom to swim around without banging into anything. 
  • Carefully select the location of your bucket: Place your bucket in the smoothest riding location on your boat such as the transom. This location prevents tiring your bait or knocking off scales.
  • Ensure the battery has plenty of power: You want to make sure that your battery power is going to last the duration of your fishing trip or at least until you have used all the live bait. Our 7L Live Bait Bucket with Aerator Pump has a minimum battery run time of 120 hours as well as a 2-speed pump. It delivers 0.6-0.8 litres of air per minute and is perfect for a weekend away fishing.

Why is Menace Marine Cost-Effective?

We provide quality products that are designed to withstand the conditions that come with boat fishing. Our Australian owned and operated company has been in the business for almost a decade, and we only sell products that can bear the pressure of our rigorous testing. We manufacture and supply quality fishing products at affordable prices by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to you through our online store. Contact us today for your fishing and outdoor products.