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When looking for the best marine BBQs in Australia, the two most important things to check are that the Barbecues are Australian certified, and that they are made from Marine Grade materials. Another difficulty for marine BBQs is making sure they can be mounted and stored on your vessel safety. No one wants burning hot oil spashed on them if a rouge wave hits. Our range of Wander OZ Marine BBQs are designed specifically for use on boats. They can be purchased with a mounting rack that slots into your boat's rod holder for stability and safety. They are made from Marine Grade stainless steel and come complete with a hood so you can keep your food covered,...

When looking for a Kid's Life Jacket, it's essential you check for certain features. All children's life jackets should have a groin strap to prevent the safety vest from popping over the child's head when they enter the water. All PDF1 Level 100 Australian certified life jackets are designed to rotate a person on to their backs and keep their head above the water, in the event they become unconscious. All Menace Marine life jackets exceed the latest Australian & New Zealand safety standards (AS4758), and are designed to be safe, but also comfortable. View our range of child life jackets. ...

There are some important things to know when buying a life jacket. Making sure the weight and size are correct for each passenger is crucial. Watch this video for more information. ...

To ensure your safety on the water, all life jackets must be maintained in working order. Inflatable life jackets have manditory servicing requirements. ...

Date Posted: 22 June 2014  

We’re giving away a Menace Mate Fish Scaler to the best “Catch of the Day” photo. Simply post your photo on our facebook page, and each month we’ll pick the best photo. The photo must feature you and have been taken this year. Add a description with it so we all know where you caught it too. ...

Date Posted: 24 April 2014  

As much as we like to have fun on the water, arriving home in one piece is definitely the most important thing. That’s why we ensure all our life jackets are top quality and safety tested. The Menace All Weather Life Jacket is exactly that – quality in safety. From quality to practicality this life jacket is definitely a worth a look. ...

Date Posted: 27 August 2013  

“Keep an eye out for Kevin, our resident Lifejacket expert. Kevin (and Deb) will be helping show visitors to understand how to maintain their lifejackets between services. Stop in and say hello and have your lifejacket questions answered.” ...

Date Posted: 25 September 2013  

The governing rules for the use of pfds and lifejackets on water craft vessels for all NSW navigable waters were tightened from the 1st of November 2010 to help prevent further loss of life on the water. ...

Date Posted: 17 October 2013  

The Complete Fishing Tackle Box Kits of Menace Marine come in 8 choices. The smallest is the Single Tray which has over 280 pieces. Next one is the Double Tray tackle box that has over 380 pieces. After that, there is the option to get the three trays. That one has over 500 pieces. If those 3 choices are still too small, then there is the Complete Heavy Duty Super Fishing Tackle Box Kit. This one has more than 700 pieces included in the box and has four tackle boxes too. As for the colors, gr...

Date Posted: 13 December 2013  

This Inflatable level 150 fishing PFD Type 1 Life Jacket is one of the most comfortable types in the Australian market. This life jacket is approved by the Australian and New Zealand standards, AS4758. This is a quali...

Date Posted: 5 February 2014  

Your product the PFD Level 150 (blue) is the best investment I have made, as I had to use it yesterday when the dinghy I was in capsized. Fully recommend this product, for its great comfortable feel and ease of use. Following our conversation this morning THANKS for the great service. ...

Date Posted: 13 June 2014  

The annual Melbourne Boat Show has started for another year. With heaps of exhibitors and things to see and do it’s well worth a visit. While you’re there look out for our new WANDER OZ BBQs. ...

Date Posted: 7 August 2014  

Menace Marine took part in the Sydney International Boat show last week. It was a great opportunity for Boating enthusiasts to see what’s new and exciting in the market. The show has grown in recent years and expanded in to two locations, darling harbour and Glebe Island. We were very impressed by the world class exhibition centre that displayed a range of new and innovative marine products. Menace Marine’s new and eye-catching portable BBQ Set was also introduced to the public with great feedback....

Date Posted: 3 September 2014  

Menace Marine Wander OZ Portable Boat Gas BBQ Set and Menace 4 seasons Sleeping Bag were released and well received at Melbourne 4×4 & Outdoor Show from 22nd August to 24th August at the Melbourne Show grounds. There were a huge range of outdoor products and accessories on display, plenty of fishing , camping and outdoor gear. ...

Date Posted: 22 July 2015  

Learn the "Jerk Bait" technique. ...

Date Posted: 3 August 2015  

This short video explains the process of installing a bearing buddy and cap. View our range of Trailer Accessories here ...

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Learn how to properly flush your outboard motor. View our range of Engine Flushers HERE . ...

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