Complete Fishing Tackle Box Kits

Date Posted:17 October 2013 

The Complete Fishing Tackle Box Kits of Menace Marine come in 8 choices. The smallest is the Single Tray which has over 280 pieces. Next one is the Double Tray tackle box that has over 380 pieces. After that, there is the option to get the three trays. That one has over 500 pieces. If those 3 choices are still too small, then there is the Complete Heavy Duty Super Fishing Tackle Box Kit. This one has more than 700 pieces included in the box and has four tackle boxes too. As for the colors, green is available for the 4 different kinds of boxes. Pink is available for the Single Tray and blue is available for the Double Tray, 3 Trays, and the Heavy Duty Kit.

The following are some of the fishing materials bundled with Menace Marine’s Complete Fishing Tackle Boxes: Ezy-Rigs Small Hook, Disgorger (Panaro Small and Panaro Large), Squid Jig (2.5 1 and 3.0 1), Flathead Tackle Pack, Bream Tackle Pack, Panaro Fishing Rod Holder and Panaro Moplen Worm Container . The bigger the tackle box, the more fishing materials.

With the Complete Fishing Tackle Kits from Menace Marine, even a beginner in fishing will have all the essential equipment needed. From the simple kit that has a single foldout tray that is best for beginners, to the Italian-made Panaro box with 4 tackle boxes, Menace Marine is sure to provide you the best for your fishing experience.

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