Fishing Rod Holders

Make the Big Catches You Want with Menace Marine Fishing Rod Holders

Veteran anglers enjoy the ease of working several lines by using quality fishing rod holders. These holders keep several active lines or stow them neatly when not in use. Our rod holders are unlike those you’ll find elsewhere, so continue reading below to learn more about our deck mount rod holder and more.

Tips Regarding Rod Holders for a Boat

Have you used an adjustable rod holder before? If not, you’re missing out on some significant advantages and should consider several benefits that they bring. Here are a few reasons that people use our rod holders for their fishing trips:

  • Keep your gear at the ready every time you hop on your boat. A successful fishing outing depends both on your skill and the luck you have. You can maximise your chance of making a catch by using a rod rack to have more lines going at once. After all, luck is nothing more than being in the right place at the right time, so make sure you’re in as many of the right places as possible.
  • Not only are you more likely to catch a fish than go home empty-handed, but you’ll also increase the odds of catching multiple fish. There’s simply no way to compete against someone taking advantage of a holder full of rods that are each luring in fish, especially in densely populated waters.
  • Keep your rods out of the way so that they don’t cause a hazard to anyone on the boat. Even if you’re solo on your boat, our rod holders are ideal for ensuring you can manoeuvre and get to whichever rod is seeing activity. 
  • As you’re considering your rod holders, determine which kind is best suited to your boat. Should you get a side mount rod holder, or would a freestanding one be better for you? If you aren’t sure, we’re happy to speak with you about your boat and which holder would be ideal for your circumstances.

Problems a Fishing Rod Stand Addresses

Armed with the right equipment, it’s easy to get out on the water and enjoy a good day’s fishing. But why fish at all? Our alloy rod holder can help you recall why you enjoy the calm days on the water: 

  • Boat trips can help you get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. No matter where you live, your responsibilities take a lot of time and demand continuous attention. Once in a while, you can get away from work, the constant distractions, and the stresses of everyday life. Let our rod holders help you make the most of a perfect day on the water. 
  • Many people enjoyed getting on a boat as a child, waking up early to catch the ideal hours of the day before the sun got too high. If you had this experience with your father, you could recall those youthful days and the tranquillity that came with being on the water and the excitement of catching your first fish.
  • You can also pass along those memories to a new generation by inviting your children onto the boat with you and showing them how to fish. Alternatively, you can catch up with old friends or bond with new ones on the water as you make a fresh catch.

No matter what brought you to the water, our rod racks and holders will help you make the most of the trip.

A Short Buyer’s Guide for Boat Rod Holders

As you’re considering the right kind of rod holder for you, consider a couple of helpful tips that can guide you in the right direction:

  • You should initially find a rod holder that has a higher capacity than you need from it. This foresight allows you to get additional rods later on or to invite a friend onto the boat and they can bring their own to supplement your collection.
  • The best flush mount rod holder will be protected by a solid warranty so that you know you can count on it to be there for years to come. After all, if the rod holder is well-made, why wouldn’t the manufacturer protect it against potential issues. Menace Marine rod holders are all protected by a solid warranty for additional security.

In short, you should consider the future when buying your rod holder. It should be able to serve you for years without breaking and allow you to expand into it.

When Buying a Rail Mount Rod Holder, Consider This

We have a few more tips that can help you get the most value out of your fishing rod holders:

  • It’s always best to buy from Australian businesses because you’re supporting a local company. Menace Marine is owned and operated by Australians who are passionate about sports, the outdoors, and being on the water. We are responsive to your needs and strive to answer any questions you have with a combination of knowledge and friendliness.
  • Another reason to support Australian businesses is that you have local support. We rapidly ship anything you purchase online directly to your door. You can also visit our factory outlet to see the products for yourself and get same-day service. Additionally, our products are designed for use in Australia, so you know that you can rely on them withstand any weather conditions.
  • Menace Marine manufactures and sells high-quality products at fair prices. One reason that we can do this is by working locally. We don’t have to spend any extra money on import fees or duties, and instead ship the products you need from our domestic warehouses.
  • The fact that we design and manufacture our products also lets us cut out another middleman from the transaction. Rather than work through distributors, you can order direct from us. Our team knows our products in-depth and is ready to help you find the rods holders and racks that you need.

Why a Customer Should Buy a Fishing Rod Rack

Even if you’re convinced that you should buy from a local producer, you may still be curious about the advantages of buying our fishing rod racks.

  • Our sturdy holders are built to last and help you catch the biggest fish around. Even if you get a big one on the line that’s pulling with all its might, your rod will remain safely within the holder and wait for you to pull in the big catch.
  • Not only are these holders strong when assembled, but they’re also remarkably easy to put together. We include simple instructions for each one so that you can put your rod holder together correctly and simply. With our helpful guide, you won’t make any mistakes during assembly and can start enjoying your new rock holder immediately.
  • Another distinct advantage of using our rod holders is that you can remain out on the water for more extended periods than if you weren’t using them. Fishing is more relaxed with our assistance, so you can conserve your energy until the lines start to jiggle from a nibble.

Ultimately, fishing rod racks and holders simplify how you approach fishing so that it relieves even more stress.

Why Trust Menace Marine Regarding Your Boat Rod Holder

Menace Marine has been in business for eight years, consistently serving our fellow Australians throughout this time. We’ve made a name for ourselves as purveyors of high-quality fishing equipment and accessories. As people who love to be on the water, we don’t believe in junk equipment. After all, we’ve had to deal with tools not working the way they should, and we’d rather not put anyone else through that struggle. Our products are designed to be long-lasting so that you won’t need to replace them any time soon after you purchase them. If you’re keen on the outdoors, contact us today to learn more or place an order for quality fishing equipment.