Roof Rack Bag

Create Space on Your Next Road Trip with a Roof Rack Bag by Wander Oz

A roof rack bag is a road trip essential. These bags can be used to store a wide variety of clothes, footwear, and other adventure gear. Roof rack bags by Wander Oz, are the perfect solution to limited storage space in small vehicles, or wet and dirty gear in larger ones.

What Sets Menace Marine Apart Regarding Duffle Bag Roof Rack Mounts

At Menace Marine, we understand the need for extra storage capacity when travelling. It’s for this reason and the following that we stock duffle bags designed for roof mounting. 

  • While we are an online retailer, we have a factory outlet located in Rowville, Victoria. Our outlet is open to the public so that you can explore our duffle bag roof racks in person. The heavy-duty duffle bags are designed to attach to your roof rack, tied to your travel basket, or thrown in the boot.
  • The Australian company, Wander Oz manufacture our roof bags. As a local company, Wander Oz designs products that will withstand Australian weather and outdoor conditions. All bags are constructed from PVC coated mesh. All seams are welded, and the main zipper flap is a hook and loop close. 
  • Since these duffle bags are designed to be roof mounted, they come with the necessary straps and clips. The nylon straps feed through loops on each bag and are then tied securely to your vehicle’s roof rack. No worries if you do not have a rack–the bags also come with car strap clips that you can use to clip the straps to your vehicle, instead of a roof rack. While we are confident you’ll enjoy your purchase, we do have a return policy for instances where a product doesn’t meet your needs. You can learn more about our return policy on our Shipping Returns page.

Keep your clothing and other items dry and secure in one of Wander Oz’s duffle bags. These bags are essential for any road trip, adding extra storage capacity to your vehicle and allowing you to easily carry gear from the car to your tent or hotel room.

The Importance of Using an Auto Travel Roof Top Bag

Using an auto travel rooftop bag is essential gear for any road trip for the following three reasons:

  • A travel bag keeps your clothes dry. Driving in inclement weather is never fun and arriving at your destination with wet clothes is even worse. An auto travel rooftop bag is manufactured with water-proof materials to ensure the contents remain safe and dry, regardless of the weather.
  • Create additional storage space. Not every vehicle has ample space for all the necessary road trip gear. Avoid cramped travels by storing clothes or other equipment for your adventures in a rooftop bag.
  • Avoid storing smelly, wet gear in your vehicle. An auto travel bag is a perfect place to store damp or muddy shoes and boots, along with wet jackets and dirty clothes. No one enjoys spending time in a vehicle that smells like wet socks!

Why Menace Marine and Wander Oz?

We love the outdoors just as much as our customers! We stock a wide range of products and gear for everything, from camping and hiking to boating and fishing. Our customers enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle, enjoy being out in nature, and taking time to slow down.

Visit us to purchase the gear you need to get away from it all.