Sleeping Bag with Pillow

Essential Camping Gear: A Sleeping Bag with Pillow

You may not believe a sleeping bag with pillow is essential camping gear, but we think we can change your mind. A pillow is much more than something you use when sleeping. However, first things first, you need the perfect sleeping bag for your trip.

Tips Regarding Purchasing a Sleeping Bag for Outdoor Camping

The first thing you need to do before purchasing a sleeping bag is to know where and when you plan to use it. Once you determine where and when you can start looking at different sleeping bags based on the following three aspects:

  • Temperature – Temperatures vary considerably, depending on the season and location of your outdoor camping. You must choose a sleeping bag that will be warm in cool weather, or not too hot in warm weather. There is nothing more uncomfortable when spending time outside than being too hot or too cold. Comfort is paramount in cold weather when there could be severe consequences, such as hypothermia if you get too cold.
  • Materials – The materials used to fill the bag have a significant impact on the performance of your sleeping bag. Down is a natural insulator, is lightweight and durable. These bags can be expensive, but they last three to five times longer than a bag filled with synthetic materials. The downside to down bags, is they lose insulation when wet. If you plan to travel somewhere damp and rainy, it is best to avoid down-filled bags. Sleeping bags filled with synthetic materials can vary a lot in weight and durability, so review the manufacturer’s information before purchase. The two main advantages of these bags are their lower cost and their ability to retain heat when wet.
  • Weight and Size – As mentioned above, a down-filled bag is going to be lighter weight than a synthetic bag. The size of your bag and the storage space it requires is a critical consideration if you plan to use the bag for backcountry camping or hiking. A sleeping bag such as a double twin will be heavier and require more space than a twin sleeping bag. 

Benefits of a Sleeping Bag Pillow

Below are a handful of reasons why you may want to include a sleeping bag pillow in your camping kit:

  • Avoid rocks and roots – Using a pillow, along with a mattress, allows you to avoid feeling any rocks or roots while you sleep. Sometimes you can’t avoid sleeping on a few roots, and without a pillow or mattress, you will toss and turn and wake up in the morning with a few new bruises.
  • Support your head and neck – The obvious reason to take a sleeping bag pillow on your next camping trip is to support your head and neck while you sleep. This support can feel particularly nice if you have been carrying a pack or canoe during the day. A pillow gives the muscles in your neck a chance to relax and recover.
  • A comfortable seat – A pillow doesn’t have to be just be used for sleeping. If you get to your campsite early in the day, it can be used to provide some cushioning as you sit against a tree and enjoy a beverage. You can also use it to prop up your camera or phone when taking pictures. In the backcountry, you may not find someone to take a photo of your group. Use the pillow and your camera’s timer setting to capture everyone after a long day of adventures.

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