Stretcher Bed

Menace Marine has the Perfect Stretcher Bed for Your Next Camping Trip

Menace Marine provides quality outdoor products at an affordable price. A good example is our stretcher bed. Camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable with a folding stretcher bed, especially when you combine it with one of our Wander Oz 4 season sleeping bags. When you are not enjoying the great outdoors, the bed can be used for guests, sleepovers or even lounging comfortably in the sun.

Tips Regarding Camping Stretcher Beds

Our stretcher beds offer unparalleled comfort both in the outdoors or at home. Follow these tips to get more out of one of our stretcher beds:

  • We stock stretcher beds in two sizes: standard and extra wide. Both are made with the same aluminium and stainless-steel frame with a cushioned top. The extra wide model offers greater comfort, especially for those that move more in their sleep.
  • Don’t forget about the adjustable legs. Use them to find the perfect position for sleep, even on uneven terrain.
  • All our stretcher beds can double as chairs, keeping you off the ground and in comfort before you go to bed.

Related Products We Provide to an Extra Wide Stretcher Bed

We manufacture and stock a wide variety of outdoor gear, both for when you want to slow things down and get back to nature by camping or want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and everything else out on the water. When it comes to our stretcher beds, here are a few products that can add to your enjoyment of them:

  • A stretcher bed will keep you off the hard and often cold ground but you still need a sleeping bag and there is none better than our 4-season outdoor camping model. Available in single, twin and double, it is rated down to -15° and offers five configurations for the most comfortable sleep. It also comes with a pillow.
  • Speaking of pillows, you can purchase them separately as well when you want extra and who doesn’t want an extra pillow? Our Wander Oz sleeping bay pillow is covered in polar fleece and comes with a loop connector to prevent it from going on a walk-a-bout during the night.
  • Even with a 4-season sleeping bag, nobody wants to sleep out in the elements when they have a great tent. The Wander Oz Double Swap is made to handle the Australian elements, and fits well with all of our other Wander Oz Products. 

What Customers Stand to Gain if They Use Menace Marine 

When you come to us for your marine and outdoor needs, you are buying from an Australian owned and operated company. We manufacture all our items with Australia’s rough elements in mind and ensure that they are of a quality to exceed your needs. Contact us today to learn more about purchasing a padded stretcher bed or any of our other products.