Tackle Box

Choose a Tackle Box and More With an Eye Towards What's Truly Useful

What's a fisherman without his tackle box? When you're on the water searching for those big fish you know are hiding just out of sight, you shouldn't need to fumble around for the right lure or line for the job. Instead, the ability to quickly grab what you need, bait your hook, and cast right away is invaluable for making the most of your leisure time. The same goes for having other accessories handy to make those long fishing trips easier and more enjoyable. At Menace Marine, we've gathered an impressive collection of tools and items that you can use to kit out your boat for the maximum amount of fun. Besides spacious and easy-to-organise tackle boxes, you'll find plenty of other useful options here, too. 

Why Trust Menace Marine When you Need a Telescopic Fishing Net?

When you or one of your mates has a big fish on the line, it's not always possible to haul it directly out of the water and into the boat — you don't want to risk snapping the line and losing the prize, after all. Having a landing nethandy is the easiest way to address that concern, and one with a telescopic handle makes it even easier to reach into the water. Why trust our products when you need one?

  • We test our products extensively to ensure they can stand up to real-world conditions. No one wants a net with a pole that snaps under the stress of a thrashing fish you're trying to land. If we wouldn't trust it ourselves, we won't sell it to you. 
  • We've got plenty of experience in the marine industry, and we've provided our customers with access to top products for well over half a decade. In that time, we've established a clear track record of trustworthiness. 
  • We provide you with more options. Not every telescopic net is the same, after all. Whether you want to land small fish or massive whoppers, we've got you covered. 

With an evident dedication to sourcing quality equipment that will stand up to real-world tests, it's easy to place your confidence in Menace Marine. 

Benefits of Having a Portable Toilet Bucket from Menace Marine

When you're out enjoying the experience of existing in nature, whether you're fishing, exploring, or just relaxing on the water, sometimes nature's call arises. When that happens, it shouldn't mean cutting short your excursion — especially if the fishing is good. With a camping-style portable toilet, you can enjoy several benefits:

  • Have an option around for when nature calls and you're too far from shore to return to use the facilities on land. Not every emergency at sea calls for a bailing bucket – especially since those don’t come with a helpful seat on top.
  • Extend endurance. When the bites keep coming, and you don't want to go home just yet, having a clean and comfortable option for relief right at hand can be a life-saver.
  • Protect the environment by avoiding introducing unnecessary waste into the ecosystem. 

Why You Should Shop with Menace Marine 

From striving to inspire confidence through trustworthy business practices to looking for products that our customers can put their full trust in, there are many reasons to consider shopping with us. Here are a few others:

  • Customer-friendly policies, including life jacket trade-in options. Inflatable Jackets require annual service, and if you do not wish to seek professional help after two years of self-service, you can trade it in for a discount on replacements. 
  • Quick shipment. We endeavour to package and dispatch orders as soon as possible after receipt. 
  • New products added all the time. From boat shoes to hardware and accessories, we're always on the lookout for the best accessories, and we bring them directly to you.

Skip the frustration of shopping in multiple locations and enjoy a fast way to pick up everything at once.

Signs You Should Invest in a Boat Ladder or a Dive Torch

Want to spend some time out of the boat as well as in it? Whether you love diving or snorkelling, an easy way to get in and out of the water is imperative. Here are some of the signs that say it's time to look at other accessories for your boat:

  • You've begun to practice diving, but you find that getting back into the vessel after exiting is too difficult to do safely. A telescoping ladder can help solve this concern. 
  • You're planning an excursion for you and your mates, and you want to be sure you have enough equipment for everyone. 
  • When your skills improve, you'll begin to dive deeper — and the deeper you go, the less light you'll encounter. A strong dive torch can help you with exploring and to provide a much-needed visual aid. 

When you decide it's time to make a change in the way that you spend your leisure time on the water, we have everything you need to get started without delay.

About Menace Marine 

Founded nearly a decade ago by a group with a deep love for marine activities and a clear sense that there weren't many good options for hobbyists looking for an array of items, Menace Marine today enables boaters of every type to find the equipment they know they want or need. With dependable customer service and swift shipping, new ways to enjoy the waves await. Find those products now, or contact us for assistance.